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Why not visit Idle Valley Nature Reserve - just outside Retford on North Road?

Notts Wildlife Trust is thrilled to announce the birth of quads!

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Following just received (11th June, 2019):

Staff and visitors to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Idle Valley Nature  Reserve near Retford were eagerly waiting to see whether barn owls would successfully nest in a specially installed nest box when they were surprised to see that another bird of prey had taken up residence. Viewers watching the footage from the nest box camera in the cafe had already witnessed the barn owl evicting a brave pigeon from the box, only for the owl itself to be ousted.

Kestrels rarely make their own nests and often take over nests from species such as crows but they readily use nest boxes. Adults often remain loyal to successful nest sites so visitors to the Idle Valley may have to get used to seeing kestrels on the camera and the Wildlife Trust may have to find a new location for a barn owl box!

Five healthy chicks were ringed by volunteers from the North Notts Ringing Group - suggesting that the adult birds have had little difficulty finding food such as voles this spring. In years where vole numbers are low many kestrels fail to rear any chicks.

The chicks will leave the nest shortly, travelling further and further from the safety of the box with adults continuing to supply food whilst the youngsters learn the necessary skills to hunt their own food. Visitors to the centre at idle Valley near Retford can still view the chicks in the nest box and can claim it as one of their daily random acts of wildness during June for the Wildlife Trusts 30 days Wild campaign, allowing nature into everyones lives each day.

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The following ‘historical’ notices are retained on our site because they contain interesting material and give a flavour of the Centre.

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